Best Makeup for Amber Eyes

With so many makeup tips for amber eyes out there, it can be daunting to choose the right one from the long list of ideas available for you. There is one aspect that we cannot deny about wolf eyes as they are popularly known. These types of eyes are beautiful and so unique. They are a composition of brown and gold, and everyone wishes he/she had them.

Do you have wolf eyes, and you are consistently looking for the best makeup tips for your amber eyes, but you don’t see the light at the end of your search? This piece is for you.

  • Dark Purple Eyeliner.

This is an amazing makeup idea for your amber eyes that will bring out the greenish tint in your eyes. Just apply it the best way, lining the eyes perfectly, and you will see the beauty in your wolf eyes. Dark purple is considered an excellent color for this type of eyes, but that doesn’t limit you from trying lighter shades of purple, especially if you need a bolder look.

  • Aqua Shades.

When it comes to choosing eye colors for your amber eyes, you will know you did excellent research if you have an aqua color in your list.  This is a loveable eye color that looks amazing on your wolf eyes. Whether you choose it for your eye lining or you opt for a bold eye hue, try it. It will look sexier if you pair it with glittery aqua eye shadow.

  • Bronze/Gold Colours.

Deep golds and beautiful bronzes are some of the best shades that look really great with amber eyes. Apart from drawing out the honey hues of your wolf eyes, they also bring out the greenish tint that you may want everyone to see. Sincerely, when you choose gold and shadowing of Bronze, everyone will be attracted by the charm of your eyes. It is a magic that no one can resist.

  • Metallic.

Apart from bronze and gold, any metallic hue that you choose for your wolf eyes will look beautiful. Talking about metallic shades, we are talking about other colors, such as silver. Silver, in particular, brings out the shimmer of amber found in your eyes. Just include a liner or if you like some eye shadow, and you will see all the difference.

  • Baby Pinks.

If you have amber eyes, you would not want to use too vibrant colors. For instance, in the case of a pink color, you should choose light pink. The light pink is a great shade that will bring out the brightness on the amber tone in your eyes. The best thing is that you can choose from many baby pink shades available.

  • Understand Your Skin Tone.

Before you choose a particular makeup for your eye color, it is essential to understand your skin tone. You want to choose the makeup that will complement your skin tone. Otherwise, you will get the right makeup for your wolf eyes, but that is offside since it doesn’t complement your skin tone.



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