How to Properly Assess a Good Women’s Shoe

You might think little goes into choosing a shoe. People who love shoes would probably disagree with you, especially regarding high heels. What’s the big deal about high heel shoes? Let’s start with the fact that it can be excruciating to walk in them. There is a way to ensure that the pain factor is minimized, and it is called pitch. Need to know what pitch is? There’s probably a lot you need to learn about women’s shoes. Let’s get you educated today.

What is Pitch?

If you plan to buy women’s shoes with any heel, you need to know about pitch. According to experts, pitch is the number one thing to know about high heel shoes. Pitch is defined as the difference between the height of the heel to the sole. The pitch may be the reason why you are experiencing discomfort. To fix the pitch problem, all you have to do is consider the heel’s height relative to the sole.

Why Do Heels Hurt So Much Anyway?

Why do high heels hurt so much in the first place? There may be a few reasons that affect different areas of the foot.

  • Heel Placement: If the heel is placed further down, you may experience pain in the ball of your foot.
  • Heel Height Your usual walking pattern is heel-toe-heel-toe, but wearing high women’s heels will throw off that pattern, causing discomfort.
  • The Toes: Have you ever had someone warn you not to wear pointed-toe shoes? There was a reason for that. If you experience pain on the side of your foot, baby toe, or big toe, the height of the toe section probably has something to do with that. If the toe section of your high heels is cutting into you around that area, you’re probably feeling pain.

To avoid these pain points, assess where the pain is and change accordingly. However, that also brings up another critical issue.

There are Many Types of High Heels for Different Occasions

When you go out to buy women’s shoes, you may be confronted by various options. Opt for a high heel if you are going to a classy event. The question is, what kind of high heel? The good thing about the variety is that some types of heels even minimize pain.

  • Peep Toes: Peep-toe heels are considered one of the most comfortable types. They are meant to show off your toes. Those that don’t particularly like their toes, stay away.
  • Wedge Heels: Wedge heels are known for comfort and a casual look. A lot of women choose wedge heels for everyday events.
  • Cone Heels: These heels are shaped like cones for more professional looks. Think “boss babe” vibes.
  • Stilettos: Stilettos are known for being the “sexy shoes.” They are usually 4 – 6 inches in length. Some are available with shorter heels if you love stilettos but hate the height factor.
  • Platform Heels: These heels are designed with comfort in mind and are usually more casual in style.
  • Kitten Heels: Kitten heels are perfect for the wearer who doesn’t like high heels but still wants to stand out. Kitten heels are usually made with much shorter heels.

If you plan to buy women’s shoes soon, high heels may be having a thing right now. If this is your first time shopping for such a shoe, it is understandable if it feels intimidating. Keep these points in mind, and you should be fine.



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