Quality Cream Boxes

Day in day out, there is always a new product being introduced in the cosmetic industry especially creams.  They are driven by the demand to solve skin problems from sun burns to fungal infections. With all the different brands promising different results, what can give your brand of cream a chance is the right packaging. Cream boxes require to be sturdy to protect the product inside and should be customized to fit you brand.

Materials for cream boxes

For us, we use Kraft, cardboard or corrugated material to ensure that the boxes we manufacture for our clients are efficient. In addition, we value protecting the earth and these materials are eco-friendly.

Cream boxes with these materials are easy to design. Cutting them into any dimensions and even adding a window is a stress free process. Most creams have color and are packaged in transparent bottles. A window therefore serves its purpose by showing the content of your cream. Customers can as well read the ingredients on the bottles through these openings.

The material used should give room for smelling the cream. Some of the creams have a scent that can compel customers to buy the item. So the material should not get in the way of that and the cream box we make have this feature.


At Refine Packaging,  we create cream boxes for our clients, we work side by side in order to get the features right. Each client has their own vision of their brand. How they want it to look, and the type of graphics to be included.

Customizing cream boxes is our forte and there are several reason why you should do it. For one, people need to tell the difference between your product and others. Be sure that your face or hand cream is among other thousands of brands that are in the market. Hence customizing your cream box will help customers identify your brand and build loyalty.

Secondly, by customizing your boxes, you increase the market value of your brand by exploiting the most appealing feature of the brand. It might be the logo, brand name or even a list of benefits the cream has. Adding these information on cream boxes puts your product one step closer to being purchased.

Finally, customizing helps improve protection.  There are different conditions for the cream to survive over a long period of time. Consequently, we create a box that complies with the conditions thereby maintaining the quality of your brand.

Make customers happy with the rights cream boxes.  We are here for you. We will design the type of box that doesn’t go overboard with the graphics and a box customers will love.  Avoid a bad reputation by hiring the professionals and checking our boxes.


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