Why Medium Length Straight Hairstyle is the Ideal Look


Thinking about cutting your hair but not quite ready to commit to a short look such as a pixie or French bob? Is your hair poker straight? Or do you prefer straight and sleek hair? Have you not found the right medium length straight hairstyle?

Well, your confusion stops here! We can convince you that a medium length straight hairstyle is the way to go! Continue reading to find out the pros of both medium and straight hair as well as some suggestions for looks for mid-length haircuts for straight hair.

Advantages of Straight Hair

  1. Straight hair is sleek and sexy!
  2. Straight hair is professional looking
  3. Straight hair works for any occasion for formal to casual!
  4. Straight hair can easily be converted to any hairstyle. You can braid it, style it in an updo or half updo, pull it back in a ponytail, make it curly or wavy (if you so desire) or just keep it straight and let it flow naturally!
  5. Straight hair is easy to style and can be achieved without use of heat or chemicals! Simply let your hair air dry and then use a round brush.

Pros of Medium Length Hair

  1. Mid-length hair is flattering on every face shape and skin tone.
  2. You won’t have to use quite as much product as you did with longer hair.
  3. Your hair will dry faster with less length.
  4. If your hair is thick, cut it shoulder length or mid-length will get rid of a lot of the dead weight and make your hair feel lighter and healthier.
  5. There are literally dozens of ways to style medium length hair.
  6. Mid-length haircuts will add volume and texture to thin or fine hair.
  7. Your hairstyle will not be prone to as many matts, tangles and knots as longer hairstyles.
  8. You can still wear your hair in cute updo styles such as ponytails, buns, chignons and such.
  9. Mid-length hairstyles are ideal for half up/half down hairstyles.
  10. Hairstyles look super cute with hats, headscarves, headbands and other hair accessories.
  11. You can add some highlights or balayage hues to give your hair some depth.

Have we convinced you yet? If so, here are some of the hottest looks for medium length straight hair.

25 Best Looks for Medium Length Straight Hairstyles

  1. Slicked Back
  2. Deep Side Part
  3. Undercut Bob
  4. Half Up/Half Down Updo
  5. Choppy Bangs and Slightly Angled Ends
  6. Heavy Bangs and a Sleek Bob Haircut
  7. Side Swept Long Bangs
  8. Messy Updo with Loose Tendrils
  9. Angled Bangs
  10. Lob with Back swept Layers
  11. Long Layers for Added Volume and Texture
  12. Low Ponytail Bun on Chignon
  13. Angled Bob with Side Part
  14. Flipped Back Layers
  15. Asymmetric Bob Haircut
  16. Braided Half Up/Half Down Hairstyle
  17. Shaggy Medium Hairstyle
  18. Medium Length Tousled Lob
  19. Space Bun Half Up/Half Down Hairstyle
  20. Straight and Sleek Look with Middle Part
  21. Mid-Length Disconnected Bob
  22. Rounded Graduated Bob
  23. A-line Bob with Face Framing Layers
  24. Mid Length Bob with Heavy Fringe
  25. Long Straight Sleek Hair with Baby Bangs


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